Home Visits by a Midwife

In Luxembourg, pregnant women are entitled to visits from a community midwife (sage-femme libérale) before the baby is born and following the birth. Visits are reimbursed by the CNS (Luxembourg Social Security) for those affiliated to it, or should be by insurance companies, if you are covered privately. 


Midwives are experts in normal pregnancy, birth, the postnatal period and infant feeding (breast and formula): therefore, having a midwife visit in the comfort of your own home gives you the opportunity to discuss any concerns/fears you have about the birth or your baby. They can also advise on all aspects of antenatal and postnatal care of yourself and your baby, as well as helping in the establishment of successful breastfeeding.

Ruth Meikle
Community Midwife ("sage-femme libérale")

Ruth has a vast amount of midwifery experience: to find out more, please read her profile on the about us page. She is available for home visits both before and after the birth of your baby.



Contact Ruth by sms (rather than voice message) to +352 691 749177 with all relevant details (due date or birth date, address,...) to arrange her visit at your home.