Antenatal Classes

Birth preparation

Our birth preparation course offers a comprehensive and individual approach. Our team includes midwife, physiotherapists and psychologists, who will help you prepare for the birth of your baby as much by knowledge, as physically and emotionally. We will cover wellbeing in pregnancy, labour and the birth process, breastfeeding, postnatal care and parenting. Partners are also invited to join the courses if they wish.

Length of session: 2 hours | Number of sessions required: 4 | Maximal number of participants: 5 couples 

Total cost: 240 Euro 

Next dates:

Thursday 16.11 19:00-21:00


Hypnobirthing classes are a way to prepare the mother and birth-partner in a participative manner, they learn about methods to use during pregnancy and labour to help them relax and feel in control of the situation. The course also covers information about pregnancy, the physiology of birth and what to expect when you “go in to have your baby”. It is a great method for birth partners to be actively involved, and strengthens the bond between mother, birth-partner and baby.

Classes are thought in small group setting. This allows for plenty of opportunities to answer questions and adapt the techniques to everyone’s needs and preferences.  The course comprises of four 3-hour sessions. It is best to start the course between the 20th and 30th week gestation, as it will work better the more you practice.

The cost is per couple and cover the classes, the book, the relaxation CD and a bunch of goodies. Group course are 325 Euro per couple.

Length of session: 3 hours | Number of sessions required: 4 | Maximal number of participants: 4 couples 

Total cost: 325


Next dates:

Saturday 18.11 17:00-20:00

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